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Club Penguin Cheats – Rockhopper’s Key, Rockhopper’s Quarters, New Rooms and More! April 28, 2008

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Rockhopper Keys

Todau Rockhopper’s Key was released. He hid it on the last page of his Journal which can be found in the book room. Rockhopper’s Key has been a mystery forever but now it is available.

Here is a picture of the Key.

Captain\'s Key


Rockhopper’s Quarters

Here is a picture of Rockhopper’s Quarters.

Captains Quarters

As you see. There is a crazy party going on in there. Check it out!

With Rockhopper’s Quarters came a new game. The name of the game is Treasure Hunt.

Here are the instructions. ( If you can read em. Go on CP for full size.)

Treasure Hunt Instructions

There is also a Notice Board.

Notice Board


New Room

Tere is also another new room here is a screenshot.
Birds and Yarrs Room




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