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New Cheat – Coffee Shop April 16, 2008

Posted by banditbud777 in Uncategorized.


Hey Penguins!

Hows your’e day!?

To day I found a new “cheat”. Well actually my friend Fire86 discovered.

It’s how to change the coffe sign in the Coffee Shp from coffe to Tea!

Heres an image.



  • Go to the Coffee Shop.
  • Click on the menu sign.
  • Wala! From Coffee + Croissant to Tea + Scones.

Hope you enjoy this cheat!




1. fosters1537 - April 17, 2008

Great post!
I am trying to reach a MASSIVE goal that will take alot of people.
I am trying to reach 40,000 hits and Rigth now I only have about..25,000.
I need peoples help to get to this goal.
Please help me By visting my Club penguin Site and Commenting Every now and then.
If you Comment on my site,
I will comment back.
P.S: To go to my Site Click:

2. fire86 - April 17, 2008

thank u

3. nana - July 12, 2008

that is fuckin retarted nobody else can see it

4. Chuck guin - July 22, 2008

Lazy monkie people rock

5. BIG J - October 4, 2008

i love club penguin
i love club penguin

6. Club Penguin fan - October 4, 2008

Club Penguin rocks

7. honour - October 30, 2008

i knew that scince the start its not a cheat u retard get me mission secrets people i am sick of the old find aunt arctics puffles yawwn boriiing

8. mark - November 5, 2008

Heres a cheat Ok ok so your sooooo bored cause theres nothing real interestign to do when theres no event and u have seen EVERYTHING go on snd listen
ok so go to the two rockhopper books and u find a key and wrist band click the wrist band click the key the wrist band anytime thing the thing about the key though is the ship needs to be there and also in the dojo click the blank peice of white obviously blank beside the corner of the dojo to see a ninja shaow in a window and also free diggerhats are available at broken dojo also who eve didnt join near halloween haha i won a rare sweets and a pumpkin jack-o-lanturn trick or treat bag jk i have those but ur not all losers i support a wide friendly community and my cp name is black jack m

9. eimear - November 15, 2008

what the hell i was looking to walk on top of exits noy some guy telling me about this other game he plays i hate him!

10. hot chick - November 15, 2008

cool i have that trick up my sleave now thanks hot guy

11. hot chick - November 15, 2008

thanks so much i really mean it and i was wondering if you wanna oh no gtg ill finish the rest later bye

12. hot chick - November 15, 2008

back so i was saying:i was wondering if you wanna give me another trick please you have really good cheats please!

13. brit61997 - November 17, 2008

cool it did that on halloween too!

14. i know! - November 20, 2008

cool pretty good best amlmost bestest

15. razel tan - October 24, 2010

who cares it is so boring

16. bella - November 13, 2010

i have know this for like ever

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